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  • Awesome new site … can’t wait to see it ten years from now …what a moment in Delaware News History!

    • Thanks Rem, I’m glad Ivan is taking this to the next level and I’m honored to have a part in this awesome journey.

  • Brother Ivan! Let’s manifest those intentions we made about working together.

    I have performances at Wilmington Libraries on Sept. 16 and 17. Come see how storytelling is fostering literacy skills in Wilmington Youth.

    Keep up the good work! Hope to hear from you soon.

    Peace and Blessings!


  • I am looking forward to see the stories you bring about. I am tired of just hearing about all the negative news on tv and the web. So let’s make this blow up.

    • Rook! That’s why we came up with Detv! I am fed up with all the negative stuff that is being forced down our throats! What type of things would you like to see?

  • So refreshing to see positive news! Keep up the fantastic job. This is just the beginning of something great!!!

    • Thank You So Much!! We Really Appreciate That!