DETV BUSINESS ROLL CALL with Donavon Alderman and James Schiller

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Ivan “Big Ive” Thomas Founder of Photo by Joe del Tufo

In this era where people and business seem to move further and further apart from each other, DETV’S Business Roll Call seeks to cut through the clutter and build business to business relationships through the stories that make each Wilmington business tick. Whether created by manufacturing legends or dreamed up by locals, each business has a story that makes the business an integral part of the city. Ice cream parlors and breweries, start-ups and builders, corner stores and law firms, each business brings a unique vision to the city.

Ivan Thomas (left) interviews Donavon Monty Alderman of Monty’s Neighborhood Hood Snacks Live On Facebook about how he got started.

Ivan Thomas (left) speaks to James Schiller Paul of Schiller Productions Live On Facebook about the importance of Marketing, Advertising and Content Creation

In this premium quality series, Ivan gives the microphone to business owners allowing each to tell their story. The goal of Business Roll Call is to reveal how businesses build community and help define the city’s culture and personality. Ivan brings viewers first hand accounts of the thought processes, challenges, tactics and passions that guide each business from concept to creation to realization. Ivan lets us get to know business owners personally from what inspires them to what they do to unwind. By bringing each story to the forefront, Detv’s Business Roll Call helps business learn from other businesses by exploring how they turned challenges into triumphs and innovations into success. Ivan and his panel of experts shows us what it takes to breathe new life into Our City.