Comcast Channel 28 Control Room Dedication Announced

WILMINGTON, DEJune 20, 2019 The DETV third party operator of Comcast Channel 28, has announced the dedication of the control room located at 2801 Lancaster Ave. Wilmington, DE. This powerful muilti-media workstation has been affectionately renamed to the Twin B. Brown Control room.

On Sunday, August 17, 2019 DETV will kick off this momentous ceremony, featuring Guest speakers, dignitaries and close family and friends. This will serve as a moment of reflection, and respect to a Wilmington hero who has paved the way for many.

“Rev. Twin B. Brown is arguably the most influential media professional in the City of Wilmington.” Said Anthony Parker Jr., who serves as a social media producer at DETVCh. 28.

Rev. Brown. has dedicated over 40+ years in Media, from creating a workshop module’s that would teach perspective media professionals, to beating the drum of positivity to our youth in the Wilmington community. Rev. Brown is credited with bringing cable television to the african american community of Delaware. Becoming a pioneer and keen negotiator of add and promotional packages to the community network.

Ivan Thomas is the Executive Director of the DETV Foundation, he plans on providing a true platform for the people, ensuring access to underserved populations and a commitment to diversity in content and educational offerings.

“For years I remember going to my grandma’s house, and all we would see on TV was Twin B” echo’s Ivan. “Even though I didn’t take any of his programs, he was the one who influenced me and a lot of others that went on to do great things in the City of Wilmington!” Rev. Brown has mentored students such as Normal Oliver, former Councilwoman Maria D. Cabrera, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, Jamila Mustafa and many more.

Ivan Con’t, “It’s personal for me just to say thank you, WE at DETV want to say thank you.” We are extending this invitation the community to celebrate with us, and to give Rev. Twin B. Brown his flowers while he is still with us.

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