Zip Code Wilmington

October 01 06:40 2015 Print This Article

I had a chance to hang with some wonderful people yesterday at ZipCode Wilmington. Got a brother thinking about joining the next class. Are you with me? Wilmington is changing for the better. Learn here

Zip Code Wilmington’s Java Boot Camp is 12, intense, weeks long.

Classes run from 9am-5pm, 5 days a week. But expect to spend as much time as you can at our facility, interacting with mentors, and learning with other students. Learning Java is not easy, and you’ll need the extra time. This is an immersive program.

You will be expected to stay the area for the duration of the program. Let us know if you need help relocating.

We believe in pair and small-group coding. Our aim is to create an environment that is as close to what you’ll find in the workplace as possible.

For those who qualify, our training will be followed by a paid apprenticeship for additional 26 weeks. These apprenticeships will be in and around Wilmington Delaware.

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