Caring LPN Receives The Bayada Hero Of The Quarter Award

Caring LPN Receives The Bayada Hero Of The Quarter Award
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On October 28, 2015 Donna Williams LPN  was presented the Bayada Hero Award for consistent compassion, excellence and reliability. Out of hundreds of other Bayada employees to be unanimously voted for, Pediatric Complex Nurse Donna Williams was surrounded by family, co-workers and a very special guest as she received this prestigious award.  Faced with unpredictable events that would have stopped anyone else, Donna was determined to make a difference in everyones life that she meets.  I guess that this story is a little personal because for the last 18 months Donna has been my daughter Madison’s night time nurse.

Madison (Micro Preemie, shows up at Bayada to Celebrate Donna William's recent award)

Madison (Micro Preemie, shows up at Bayada to Celebrate Donna William’s recent award)

In 1999, BAYADA wanted to differentiate themselves from other organizations by finding ways to demonstrate that they are truly respected, valued, and honored  health care professionals. Due to substantial interest in creating an employee recognition program, the Hero Program was adopted later that year. While recognition through the Hero Program honors field employees on a division and national level, the heart and soul of the program remains rooted within the service office in an effort to build relationships with our most valuable assets-our employees.

The “Hero” title stems from Florence Nightingale’s service on the battlefields, and the theme was also reflected
in the company’s television commercial that aired when the program was adopted. We set high standards for
our employees, and those who unselfishly meet or exceed our ideals are often considered heroes by the clients
they serve. A Hero exemplifies our core values of compassion, excellence, and reliability, and demonstrates the
importance of the values and beliefs expressed in The BAYADA Way that guide their work.

Some Heroes acknowledged through the program may be honored for performing extraordinary deeds that
demonstrate our core values. However, quiet, unassuming everyday Heroes who consistently demonstrate our
core values are also worthy of recognition and a Hero title, and should not be overlooked.
The Hero Program also provides opportunities to strengthen relationships with field employees while building
a sense of community with clients, families, and referral sources. Office staff, field employees, and clients can
nominate any RN, LPN, HHA, or other employee (such as a therapist or medical social worker).

This program involves an ongoing effort by all office staff to identify and nominate field employees for the
awards. Recognition is bestowed at an office, division, and national level, and BAYADA celebrates our four
Heroes of the Year annually during the Awards Weekend. The program also provides a way to acknowledge
individuals who perform extraordinary or lifesaving deeds by honoring them with a Lifesaver Hero Award. Health care professionals, who through a team effort make it possible for a client to remain at home, can be recognized with a Team Spirit Hero Award, while new employees who are shining stars can be rewarded with a Remarkable Rookie Hero Award.  This well-established program is at the heart of our BAYADA recognition initiatives, and is a required companywide recognition program.

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