Mass Communications Symposium to Highlight 21st Century Success

by ivan | March 26, 2017 8:02 PM

Organizers, innovators, and leaders brought Mass Communications professionals, students, faculty, and the community together to gain an inside perspective to the all-around experience of the Mass Communications industry today.

India Sage[1](Left) sits and asks actor Jermel Howard[2](Right) of Luke Cage, Power and Orange is the New Black the secrets to his amazing success Photo Credit iGraph Photo[3]

Presenters discussed the present state and future of media as well as the steps necessary to understand the value of Mass Communications as a whole. Professionals represent the fields of News, Entertainment, Politics, Government, and Education with concentrations in PR/Marketing, Television, Radio, Film, and Music.

CEO of ACT Generation Global, Travis Smith Sr., a contributing organizer shares, “It is imperative that we understand the role of Mass Communications professionals because they are a key instrument in today’s evolving digital landscape. Technology is a mirror!”

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