Silence is Acceptance

Silence is Acceptance
August 13 14:37 2017 Print This Article

I truly can’t think of any person that I know (and let’s be honest – I know a LOT of people ?), who is not impacted by the hate of white supremacists, either directly or indirectly. They hate me, my sisters, parents and my daughters because we are Jewish, they hate my disabled sister, they hate my Latino nephews and niece, they hate my LGBTQ family and friends, they hate my Black, Latino, and Asian friends, they hate my Muslim, Buddhist and Atheist friends. But there are so many more of US than there are of them. And that is why, although I am disgusted by what happened in Charlottesville through the hate of a few, I know that the love of our beautifully diverse nation is what truly makes America great.  

-Samantha L.

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