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On Thursday, January 24th at 2 pm in the City/County Building 1st Floor Committee Room, the Wilmington Cable, Video and Communications Commission will be voting on the future of Comcast Channel 28, the leased access/public access station for the city of Wilmington. The station provides a medium for the local community to engage in mass media and connect to Wilmington viewers. Currently, the station has two bids: LAPA, the current third-party operator and DETV.

DETV seeks to create a station built  on our community values and invigorate current and future programming. DETV has no intention of censoring the community. On the contrary, DETV wants to magnify community voices through increased programming and community outreach.

Our Vision:

  • Build a welcoming operation that embraces community
  • Create more programming hours
  • Increase production quality
  • Develop youth-led programming
  • Connect generations through diverse show development
  • Conduct focus groups with existing Leased Access Show creators, community members, and local nonprofits and businesses
  • Train and educate public on media production techniques and program creation
  • Maintain public-focused open and transparent operations
  • Modernize social media and digital presence
  • Live Highschool Sports
  • Blue Coat BasketBall Coverage
  • Adhere to FCC guidelines

As our loyal viewers, we welcome and encourage your support at the vote. The community surrounding DETV is strong and loyal. We appreciate your commitment to our shared vision and value your constant enthusiasm and connection to us. With your help, we can continue to build DETV into an updated modern channel serving the community with an exciting vision that strengthens and empowers community voices.

Thank you for your support,