Who Said Business Can’t Be A New Form Of Beauty?

Who Said Business Can’t Be A New Form Of Beauty?
September 23 00:17 2015 Print This Article

We’ve all heard the statistics. According to the National Women’s Business Council 2012 fact sheet, women are starting businesses at a rate 50% higher than their male counterparts; there are 9,932,434 women owned businesses in the United States, which is a 27.5% increase from 2007. What we don’t often realize, is that women generally delay their goals and dreams until everyone significant in their world has accomplished a dream of their own. For some women, this could result in their not following the desire of owning a business – or possibly underestimating a vision and quality of work.
Whether a goal involves the areas of construction, retail, consulting, engineering, culinary arts, child care, hospitality, media design, or cosmetology; it may seem like a long shot or something impossible to achieve. Is career support readily available for women, as it is for our male counterparts; support where women feel safe, comforted, educated and most importantly – heard? Many women today are on the cutting edge of innovation – but where are they? Do we specifically hear about their successes? In several cases, women remain in the shadows of the male-dominated world of business. This stops now!

jessica-2-EditWomen are beating the odds; opening businesses daily and sharing products that benefit the lives of other women. It is wonderful to realize that women are in fact beating the odds successfully within industries where men were previously dominant. Now let’s be honest, there is a great deal of work yet to be done; however the beautiful impact of women in business is prevalent today more than ever. Women are functioning at high levels in what we will identify as ‘beautiful’. The standard in their offerings are of quality, the impact to job creation is grand – and access to capital required to maintain and build that standard is becoming more beautiful each day.

So the next time you walk into a child care, bakery, restaurant, marketing firm, barber shop, beauty salon or doctor’s office – notice the beauty. Think about the level of determination, creativity and confidence that went into the development of that entity. It will be more evident to you now and should undoubtedly encourage you to agree that; ‘Business is the new Beautiful’.

*To learn more about being ‘Beautiful in Business’, contact the Women’s Business Center (WBC) at First State Community Loan to learn more about entrepreneurship and how to expand or grow your business.

Jessica Gibson, Program Director of the Women’s Business Center www.firststateloan.org/womens-business-center