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In the last two weeks I have been running around from speaking engagement to engagement while wooing crowds and having conversations about how to bridge the gaps in our communities through positive media.  In my perfect world I would like to live in a state that is known for it’s brotherly love that stretches across the boundaries of our state and tax free shopping.  So in my efforts to mesh positive content with diverse story lines I found a unique way of getting people back to humanity, and that is through entertainment and persuasion.

Founder of Detv speaking to the Delaware Photographic Society about Photography as an expression of love through art, honest conversation and community building

See this whole thing that we know as media is science based and backed.  If I create a message and depending on 1. Colors 2. Music 3. Persuasion 4. Consistency and many other ingredients, I will be able to influence human behavior in no time.  This median is far more powerful than on can ever think, that’s why I pledge to film and create content that is positive and/or it can better the world. Advertising companies, marketing companies and even our military has used these science based techniques since the beginning of time.


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