Sunday in the Park with George

by ivan | December 1, 2017 4:21 PM

Ensemble – Dylan Geringer, Kerry Kristine McElrone, Paul McElwee in foreground Photo by Moonloop Photography’s Joe del Tufo [1]

The official art for Sunday in the Park with George, running December 1 – 16. Tickets available now[2]

For our promo shoot, we wanted to reflect the immediacy of creating art in all its messiness, brilliance, and intensity.

CTC Marketing and Creative Director Kerry Kristine McElrone and artist Lauren Elizabeth Peters painted actor Brendan Sheehan in primary colors. Moonloop Photography‘s Joe del Tufo then shot the pics against a white backdrop, and designeJoe Trainor created the final artwork.

Sunday stars Brendan Sheehan, Layla Baynes, Tonya Stone BaynesJim BurnsDylan GeringerJeff HunsickerMary Catherine KelleyJenna Kuerzi Kerry Kristine McElrone, Paul McElweePatrick O’Hara, Dominic SantosGrace Tarves, and George Tietze. Music directed by Christopher Tolomeo.

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