Deneen is a wife, mother to her son Thomier and daughter Taylor, a business owner and inspirational speaker. Driven to acquire a life opposite to the one she was given Deneen has spent the past 12 years failing her way forward and celebrating small victories. In 2006, she began her career in Real Estate and Investments, a business in which she operates to date.

Serving the community and specifically children, has always been her passion, so In 2001 Deneen followed her dream to work with inner city at-risk youth and for the past 11 years has committed to igniting excellence and inspiring change. Having lead grass root federal grant initiatives serving at-risk youth, facilitating empowerment sessions in middle and high schools and coaching cheer and dance squads Deneen has worked with students from all areas, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. In 2017, she formed M.O.V.E., an inspirational academic, where she is Motivating Overcomers Valiantly with Education. To aid in servicing schools, community centers and municipalities Deneen has designed a curriculum that focuses on cognitive behavior, conflict resolution, self worth and goal setting to equip youth with the proper resources and tools to become the superstar they were designed to be. Having been born to teenage parents and growing up in proverty stricken Wilmington neighborhoods Deneen leads with transparency to show children how to fall madly in love with themselves and unleash their truest potential. This is just the beginning of the work Deneen aspires to do to change the lives of people all around the world.

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