DAB Mediation Consultant present Every Man Counts, Better Dads Better Lives

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Ajawavi Ajavon, is the Executive Director at DAB Mediation Consultant, LLC, and has been a mediator for more than 10 years. Prior to assuming the leadership role at DAB, she was employed with Superior Court of New Jersey (Family Division) as a mediator, juvenile referee and domestic violence hearing officer. Other employment experience include, Family Court mediation/arbitration officer and domestic violence hearing officer in two Delaware counties (Kent and New castle) for more than seven years and as a program coordinator at Catholic Charities, Inc., Delaware.

Ms. Ajavon mediates all disputes regarding Family matters, including but not limited to, Divorce, Landlord/Tenant, Workplace, Domestic Violence and Juvenile. In addition to her many attributes, she has developed and conducts several workshops for Single Mothers, Fatherhood and Custody and Child Support. Moreover, she enjoys educating juveniles on resolving conflict peacefully and empowering single fathers while preparing them for court.

Every Man Counts, Better Dads Better Lives, (EMC) assist both single and re-entry fathers who are having difficulty with child support and visitation rights, navigating the family court system and teach them to understand their rights and responsibility. EMC will assist both single and re-entry fathers with the application process for custody and parenting time/visitation with their children, while explaining the different types of custody and different parenting time/visitation schedule based on their work & school. EMC will assist both single and re-entry fathers who are having difficulties understanding the child support formula.

EMC CourtSmart program is designed to assist single and re-entry fathers to be more prepared for court with information on how to dress, behave, display decorum in the court room, be respectful and be on time. The program promotes positive self-esteem, self-worth, empowerment and confidence. EMC staff also accompanies fathers to court to offer a reasonable level of comfort and assure that they adhere to the CourtSmart program.

Please join us for an evening of fundraising and to celebrate the mission of, EVERY MAN COUNTS, Better Dads Better Lives; a fatherhood initiative program which educate, empower and encourage self-sufficiency with single & re-entry fathers and promote strengthening families.

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