Opinion: Write-in Candidate? Rob Kleiner Runs for Clerk of the Peace

Opinion: Write-in Candidate? Rob Kleiner Runs for Clerk of the Peace
November 03 12:31 2016 Print This Article

You don’t have to look far this election cycle to see that people are concerned about the effects of large amounts of money on our democracy. Our government appears to work well for those at the top, but some elected officials, while they may care for the poor and middle class, fail to turn those sentiments into meaningful action. And the large amounts of money involved in elections casts a shadow over our elected officials that has lead many to wonder whether some of these “pay to play” allegations that have surfaced in the presidential election are based in truth.

Some have advocated amending the Constitution or to change the composition of the Supreme Court in order to turn off the spigot of unlimited campaign contributions. These are fine solutions, but I am offering an additional solution which may be easier to accomplish: use your vote to express your position on campaign finance this and every election. Many candidates feel compelled to raise funds because they are engaged in an arms race with their opponent. But candidates don’t actually enjoy asking people for money. And their supporters don’t enjoy being asked for money. (And few of us enjoy the political advertisements which are the fruits of such fundraising.) But if a candidate could demonstrate that he or she can get their message across without fundraising and without advertisements, other candidates may follow.

This is my message in my write-in campaign for Clerk of the Peace for New Castle County. I am not accepting any donations towards my campaign. And come 2018 I urge you to become a write-in candidate in the election race of your choice to give voters the ability to make themselves heard on the issue of campaign finance. (If you have questions on how to become a write-in candidate for the next election cycle, I’d be happy to talk with you. You can reach me on my mobile at 302-283-9364.)

This election is not about me. Every vote I may receive is its own victory. And I may not win this particular election, but I plan to do the same type of campaign in two years and encourage others to do the same. And someday, someone will be elected to high office without the taint of large campaign donations. And that day we all win.


Rob Kleiner



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