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(Left) Senator Harris McDowell receives endorsement from (Right) State Representative, Debra Heffernan

Senator McDowell is one of the most effective agents of change in Delaware and he has always approached politics with the heart of an activist. He has spent his career challenging the status quo to bring bold, innovative, and progressive ideas to Dover. No challenge is too big or too small for Senator McDowell and his long record of accomplishments is impressive. Senator McDowell has been on the forefront of criminal justice reform and has been an advocate for more effective policing. This year, he co-sponsored legislation to codify the Juvenile Civil Citation Program, which gives young first time offenders the opportunity to avoid entering the traditional criminal justice system by serving their community.



(Left) Senator Harris McDowell and Brian McGlinchey stop for coffee at Angelo’s Lunchenonette

As chair of the Joint Finance Committee, Senator McDowell also secured funding for the Wilmington Police to implement necessary reforms. Throughout his career, Senator McDowell has always stood up for children and seniors in Delaware. One of his early accomplishments was the creation of the Department of Children Youth and Families. Taking on the establishment in Dover, he fought to create this department so children and families could have a strong, proactive advocate fighting for them in state government. Today, he continues to chair the Children, Youth, and Families Committee in the State Senate. Senator McDowell also created the Senior School Property Tax Credit, which helps seniors in Delaware afford to stay in their homes. When the Governor tried to cut this credit, Senator McDowell fought hard and saved it.  Of all of his accomplishments, he is most proud of the SEED program. Created in 2005, this program has sent nearly 15,000 Delawareans to college tuition free for two years, helping students of all backgrounds get an education.

Senator McDowell understands that college debt is weighing down too many young people and families in Delaware and that the high cost of college tuition is preventing too many from going to college. This program has made him among the strongest voices for reform in the nation.

As a passionate advocate for environmental conservation, Senator McDowell created the internationally recognized Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU). This first of its kind organization helps schools, non-profits, communities, businesses and government save money on their utility costs while significantly reducing pollution. Senator McDowell has also been a strong voice for fiscal responsibility in Dover, helping maintain balanced budgets and retain Delaware’s AAA bond rating. As JFC chair, he is also a vocal advocate for finding innovative solutions to create a more effective and efficient government.  These are just a few of Senator McDowell’s accomplishments and he’s not done fighting for bold, innovative change in Dover. He is always thinking outside the box to find creative solutions to the challenges facing our state. With Senator McDowell in Dover, we can be confident that we have a true fighter and reformer working for us.