Exposing Yoga To The Youth

Exposing Yoga To The Youth
January 18 17:32 2016 Print This Article

The yoga program at Ferris School for Boys started as a volunteer mission to bring yoga and mindfulness to underserved populations through the non-profit organization Empowered Community.

With the guidance of Chief Judge Kuhn and Johnny Gillespie, Founder of Empowered Yoga, the once a week volunteer mission, with Charlene A. Sams as Lead Instructor, expanded to serving the facility to three times a week six months later.

Charlene A. Sams now leads the program at four other juvenile centers on the Ferris campus, contracted by the State of Delaware. 

“The yoga program exposes the youth to healthy practices and tools to help them begin to identify habitual patterns and behaviors. They discover parts of theirselves that have been buried under traumas, like peace, calm, stillness, and mental clarity”.

Charlene A. Sams serves on the board of directors for Yogaservicecouncil.org and Empoweredcommunity.org and runs her own yoga business at Posh-yoga.com

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