Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar

We know: Everyone is crazy about coconut oil. With at least 16 ways to use it, we’ll never fall out of love. But dare we say apple cider vinegar rivals even coconut oil’s amazing versatility?

Like coconut oil, you can drink it, eat it, and this vinegar is even a bona fide beauty booster. Got a whole bottle of apple cider vinegar in the pantry and not sure what to do with it? Check out these 16 ways to use ACV, and make this multitasking vinegar the new powerhouse ingredient throughout your home.

Bathe in it

ACV has the power to restore the skin’s natural pH balance, so bathing in it makes for a luxurious all-over skin treatment. Just add eight ounces of it to a warm bath, plus several drops of a calming essential oil such as rosemary.

Get toned

Concentrate that pH balancing power on the face by mixing up a cleansing, pore-shrinking toner. Apple cider vinegar can also dissolve dead skin cells and treat acne and scarring. Tone it up with some antioxidant, anti-inflammatory green tea. Just brew a cup of strong green tea, cool, and combine 3/4 cup of tea with a 1/4 cup of ACV. Infuse the elixir onto a cotton ball and swipe all over your face.

Fizzy face mask

ACV also works great in a purifying face mask. Mix it with bentonite clay for an ancient, pulsating skin treatment that’s sure to get skin glowing.

Sunburn serum

To treat sunburn, pH balancing ACV can soothe the skin, prevent blisters, and promote healing.

Bruise control

ACV’s acetic acid can increase circulation and help heal bruises more quickly. Before a bruise turns into a full-on shiner, infuse some ACV onto a cotton ball, and tape it onto the damaged area for 10 to 15 minutes.

Razor bump relief

Anti-inflammatory ACV can also soften skin with acetic acid and help ingrown hairs grow out more easily. Try mixing a little with tea tree oil to keep those pesky hairs from getting infected.

Do an inside job on bad breath

Since an overgrowth of bacteria in the digestive tract can cause bad breath, the probiotic properties of ACV can help. Swallow a tablespoon of this stuff with water or juice before or after meals.

Sore throat soother

Feel a tickle in the throat? Gargle apple cider vinegar ASAP to help kill throat bacteria, too. But don’t do this too often since the acidity, in excess, can end up hurting more than helping.

Clean house

ACV provides a safe alternative to conventional household cleaners that are often packed with harmful chemicals. A 1:1 mixture of ACV and water works as a degreaser, as well as a mildew spray for the shower. For a wood polish, combine 1/4 cup ACV with two cups water and two tablespoons of olive oil.

Get shiny hair

Acetic acid in apple cider vinegar will help to clarify hair of product residue, making way for clean, shiny locks. Just add one part ACV to three parts water and use as a conditioner. Hate the pungent scent? Just add a few drops of an herbaceous essential oil like lavender.

Ditch dandruff

ACV is naturally anti-fungal, which makes it a killer ingredient for treating dandruff. Add one teaspoon of ACV into regular shampoo and lather as usual.


Infusing a cotton ball with ACV and swiping it under the arms can kill odor-causing bacteria that typically thrive on high pH levels.

Farewell, fleas

Fleas despise the acidic taste of ACV, so try adding a little of this vinegar to your dog or cat’s drinking water. For a 40-pound dog, add one teaspoon ACV to one quart of water (adjust according to the the pup’s weight). For dogs and cats, a diluted 50/50 mixture of ACV and water can be sprayed directly onto their fur and skin. (Dilution is especially important for cats, who have sensitive skin.)

Soup’s on

It’s not just for salad dressing—try adding a little ACV to soup recipes to give the flavor a punch.

A beverage with benefits

Mix up this apple cider vinegar tonic—it has the potential to be miracle beverage, and can improve digestive health, give an energizing boost, and promote weight loss in one fell swoop. ACV’s pectin can help to form fiber in the gut and relax intestinal spasms. Its potassium, enzymes, and amino acids can also combat fatigue. This vinegar has been shown to reduce blood sugar, and in turn, contribute a subtle effect on weight. The acetic acid may also suppress appetite and reduce water retention.

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