We Are Love Event


13962554_10154351346184705_21314478164681455_nThis morning something powerful happened. Nearly 200 people gathered on a sweltering Saturday at 8:30am to join in solidarity to celebrate love. I’m still overwhelmed by how easy it was for us all to just show up and be willing to start a conversation – Kerry Kristine






#‎wearelove‬ We Are Love – today in Rockford Park. It was great meeting new friends and seeing my friends and neighbors there. We talked about many interesting things regarding what is love, what inspires us, we made up secret handshakes . . in Wilmington, we had agape big time – Cindy M. Johnson





13879472_538113269706307_1626002113696780514_nFaith in Action. That was my week, and today. I had the privilege of seeing our community donate the greatest of their treasures-time, talent to support Ivan Thomas Shoshana Kohn DeTv ‪#‎wearelove‬ event, where more than 175 members of our community braved the heat and time today. We stood in unity, in an unbroken circle. Non-repeating in color, temperament, faith, creed, age, handicap, language, or sexuality. We were untied as community. With purpose. Hope – Jinni Hayes

13923478_538112509706383_577954884625278607_oI am home after an amazing experience at ‪#‎wearelove‬ in Rockford Park. Ivan Thomas you sir are love! So are you Ken Grant ! So is the nice lady who could see that I needed a seat and graciously gave me a chair. I was happy to see many people I know and many more who I do not . I loved that Family Promise was helped. I love the Homeless Community!
This day lifted my heart – Joseph Connor
13876691_10210102258892443_4278385369826618703_nHad a great time early this morning uniting with over 100 people from all over Delaware in the name of love supporting our friend and brother Ivan Thomas and each other. ‪#‎wearelove‬ – Herb Broadwater



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