A.I. duPont High School Forced To Cancel 2022 Varsity Football Season

As football season heats up all around the country and here in our first state with high school football. One school won’t have varsity football this season and it is close to the heart for me.

A.I duPont High School was forced to dropped their varsity football season because of the lack of players.

According to “The numbers just didn’t add up for football at A.I. du Pont High School this season”.

“So late last week, the school’s administration and coaching staff made the difficult decision to not attempt to play a varsity schedule.”

“Instead, the Tigers will focus on junior varsity games this fall with a small roster of mostly sophomores and freshmen, hoping to regroup and return to varsity play in 2023.”

“We were doing everything we could to get the kids out here,” A.I. principal Kevin Palladinetti said Tuesday. “But there were days when we had single digits showing up for practice.”

This hits home for me because I went to A.I duPont High School and played football when I went there for all 4 years. We had at least over 50 players in total playing or practicing every day.

So hopefully the school that I once called home can get more players in the years to come and play football.

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