“A Night of Stars: Wilmington Public Library’s ‘Dancing with the Delaware Stars’ Shines Once Again”

The Wilmington Public Library’s annual gala, ‘Dancing with the Delaware Stars,’ illuminated the Delaware social calendar with its electrifying energy and breathtaking performances, held at The Waterfall venue on March 29th, 2024. This year, the event reached new heights, not just in the astonishing talent displayed on the dance floor but also in the remarkable leadership steering the event towards its grand success.

Ryan Paden & Tiffany Christopher Won First Place (All Photos Courtesy of Emir Lake)

Under the visionary leadership of Jamar Rahming, the Executive Director, and Carl Shaw, Director of Community Engagement, the gala unfolded as a meticulously choreographed evening that celebrated dance, unity, and community service. Their dedication and passion for fostering a vibrant cultural community in Wilmington were evident in every detail of the event, setting the stage for an unforgettable night. Celebrity Pooch Hall hosted the event, adding a touch of glamour to the proceedings. His charisma and energy added a sparkling layer of excitement to the evening. His engaging presence was the perfect complement to the dazzling performances, bridging the gap between the stars on the dance floor and the luminaries in the audience.

Sebastian Northey-Primer and Carrie Casey (All Photos Courtesy of Emir Lake)

The competition was stiff, with 11 couples from across the community showcasing their dance skills in the hope of winning the coveted ‘Dancing with the Delaware Stars Disco Ball Trophy.’ In the end, it was Ryan Paden & Tiffany Christopher who emerged victorious, claiming the first place with their impeccable performance. Their routine demonstrated technical proficiency and conveyed a story that resonated with everyone present.

Close on their heels, Tatiana and Scott Michels danced their way to the 1st Runner-Up position with their captivating moves. At the same time, AliShah Watson & Richard Raw impressed everyone with their rhythm and coordination to secure the 2nd Runner-Up spot. Each night’s performance highlighted the depth of talent and the spirit of determination that defines the Delaware community.

The gala was more than a dance competition; it was a celebration of the Wilmington Public Library’s commitment to enriching the city’s cultural fabric. With Rahming and Shaw at the helm, supported by Pooch Hall’s star power, the event underscored the library’s pivotal role in bringing people together to support and celebrate the arts.

As guests departed, they left with memories of a night that sparkled with the joy of dance, the warmth of community, and the promise of future gatherings under the auspices of the Wilmington Public Library’s dynamic leadership. ‘Dancing with the Delaware Stars’ 2024 showcased the community’s incredible talents and set a precedent for what is rapidly becoming one of the most anticipated events in Delaware’s cultural calendar. 

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