Delaware Democrats In Full Support Of Lydia York

By: Tye Richmond

It looks like the Delaware democrats are not behind Kathy McGuiness anymore.

The Delaware Democratic Party’s leadership voted unanimously to endorse the challenger (Lydia York) of incumbent Auditor Kathy McGuiness in the upcoming state primary.

The dems are fulling supporting Lydia York for the position after McGuiness was convicted on charges of conflict of interest, structuring, and official misconduct in a June trial.

According to Delaware Online, In a statement, State Party Chairwoman Betsy Maron said the following about the Dems’ decision to go against the incumbent:

“We saw Ms.York’s candidacy as an opportunity to restore the Auditor’s office to its intended function and do away with the political theater that has kept the incumbent at center stage for all the wrong reasons. Her legal, business, and finance backgrounds make Lydia York an immensely qualified Auditor who we are confident will do right by all Delawareans. This September, Democratic primary voters looking for integrity, accountability, and true leadership in their Auditor need not look further than Lydia York.”

McGuiness has been under pressure to resign since her conviction but has refused to.

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