Delaware Low Digit License Plates Are Back

For all of the lovers of the Delaware black license takes the low digits license tags are back in Delaware once again.

Every year, typically in November, the DMV releases any available low-digit tags and people line up at their local DMV in hopes of snagging one of these limited numbers.

According to things will be a little different now. “The division announced last Thursday that it would be opening a lottery for low-digit plates, and people can preregister as soon as Monday, Oct. 31. Starting on Monday, Nov. 14, through Thursday, Dec. 1, the DMV will randomly select a set number of winners for 12 days, appropriately titled “the 12 Days of PLATE-mas.”

“There will be no drawings on weekends or on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. The final drawing will be held on Dec. 1.”

According to, “DMV will randomly select the following number of winners for each of the 12 days for the various tag types: PV (240), T (60), PC (15), C (6), RT (4), MC (80).”

All winners will receive a standard blue and gold license plate upon completing their title work. If they qualify and wish to purchase a black and white tag once they have completed their title work with DMV, they can do so through the Delaware Historic Plate Co.

To register, visit

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