Delaware Still Wont Have Recreational Marijuana

By: Tye Richmond

It looks like Delaware residents will have to wait a little longer to have recreational marijuana. Following through on his previously announced position concerning legislation legalizing marijuana, Governor John Carney on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, vetoed House Bill 371.

“I recognize the positive effect marijuana can have for people with certain health conditions, and for that reason, I continue to support the medical marijuana industry in Delaware,” said Carney in a released statement. 

“I supported decriminalization of marijuana because I agree that individuals should not be imprisoned solely for the possession and private use of a small amount of marijuana — and today, thanks to Delaware’s decriminalization law, they are not.”

The quest to create a recreational marijuana industry in Delaware hit a major bump last week, when a sick lawmaker resulted in a bill seeking to regulate the growing and selling of weed failing in the House by one vote.

Representative Ed Osienski, said “More than 60% of Delawareans support the legalization of marijuana for adult recreational use. Earlier this month, more than 60% of the General Assembly voted in favor of ending the prohibition against possession of a personal-use quantity of marijuana,”

Honestly, I think Delaware should go ahead and approve House Bill 371 because it will bring revenue to the state. Plus, unnecessary & petty arrests of marijuana won’t happen anymore that will crowd the jails and prisons. 

Though it’s unclear how revenue Delaware could bring in from recreational marijuana, early estimates have indicated about $43 million a year. New Jersey saw $2 million in sales on the first day of marijuana recreational was available to the public. 

Lawmakers expect to make another attempt for a vote in early June when the General Assembly returns from its two-week recess. Even if this bill passes both chambers, Carney will most likely veto, given his decision to do with the weed legalization bill. 

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