Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: COVID-19 shows “we are as safe as the least insured person”


Democratic primary rivals former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders took to the debate stage Sunday to an empty audience in their first one-on-one face-off amid escalating tensions over the COVID-19 pandemic. The two clashed on their solution to the COVID-19 crisis, Medicare for All, the climate emergency, Joe Biden’s voting record and whether or not the U.S. needs a political revolution. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor says that more than anything, COVID-19 provides a clear argument for the necessity of Medicare For All, and makes a strong case for a Bernie Sanders presidency. “What Sanders said over the weekend, that we are as safe as the least insured person, has never made more sense than it does in this moment,” she says. “We have to ask as a society, are we going to use this opportunity or use this moment to actually implement fundamental change, or are we going to continue to kick the can down the road and act as if there is some normal to get back to?”