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Freeway Freedom Thinkers Academy


By: Kayla Edelin

In the center of the city of Wilmington, a place centered around hustle, dedication, and survival, there is a sanctuary for the students of this city to come and receive knowledge and empowerment. The Freeway Freedom Academy is an oasis of inspiration during urban chaos, giving a transforming journey to individuals seeking to pursue the less traveled road.

On Friday, July 28th, during the Good Morning Wilmington live show, Tamara Morris, COO of the Community Education Building (CEB), stopped by the plaza to discuss the many programs CEB offers and how they benefit Wilmington. 

The CEB provides Wilmington with various resources, such as a food pantry, a family resource center, and as well as the freeway freedom thinkers academy. This academy is admitting students living in and around Wilmington to teach them the skills needed to be successful in the entertainment industry.

Even though this program is directed by legendary rappers  Beanie Segil, Jet Phynx, and Freeway, it is not solely based on writing rhymes and producing a song. The main goal of this program is to teach the students every aspect of the entertainment industry. 

One of the main projects for this program is to write, produce, shoot videos, and create graphic designs to create a debut album for the music group “ First out of first”. Participating in every phase of the creation of this debut album will allow the students to determine whether they want to work onstage or behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. 

When listening to the students speak about the Freedom Thinkers Academy, you can sense the essence of inspiration and how this program helped to lift their spirits. One student says, 

 “ This program definitely gives us a positive outlook; as we know where we are from, we don’t got a lot of positive things that can help us in life…its educational but, we also get to entrust in ourselves, we get to be creative, we get to have fun” 

This program aligns with the CEB’s mission to remove the burden that teachers hold to help students with their lives outside school, allowing teachers to focus on the student’s educational success. The Freeway Freedom Thinkers Academy teaches these students a curriculum not taught in schools. Teaching them something new allows them to imagine a future not promoted in traditional school programs.

Beanie Sigel says, “What you see with these kids, what their doing is creating opportunities for others to see the vision of being an entrepreneur and being able to work with each other and inspire each other to hone in and develop your skills instead of going out into the workforce and working for another company”

As the sun sets over the city, providing an orange glow on the buildings, the Freeway Freedom Academy remains a constant symbol of ambition, aspiration, and dedication to pursuing knowledge. A new generation of trailblazers is born here, destined to forge their own paths on the open road of opportunity.


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