Kathy McGuiness Saga Continues as Judge Upholds 2 of 3 Convictions

The saga of Kathy McGuiness continues and will probably continue until the elections occur in a couple weeks .

Yesterday Judge William Carpenter upheld two of three guilty verdicts against Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness, as members of her party renew calls for her dismissal from office. Judge Carpenter upheld guilty verdicts of conflict of interest and official misconduct, but reversed the structuring conviction.

According to, “A sentencing date for the two remaining convictions was not announced.”

“Democrats from both chambers of the Delaware legislature renewed their calls for Governor John Carney to remove McGuiness”

McGuiness is two weeks away from her State Auditory primary against Lydia York, who received the Democratic endorsement last month in a rare move against an incumbent.

Delaware’s Primary Day is September 13.

So we shall see how this will all turn out on September 13th which ever way the voters will vote it will have a huge impact of the state no matter what.

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