PREPARING WILMINGTON AIRPORT FOR TAKE OFF Nearly 30 years ago, County Executive Dennis Greenhouse made the difficult decision to lease the heavily indebted Wilmington Airport, owned by New Castle County, to the Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA), for a single dollar annually. At the time, it was a decision the County needed to make for basic financial well-being. With approval from County Council, County Executive Greenhouse leased the airport to DRBA, the operator of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, in hopes the airport would become an economic driver for the county, the state, and the region. Since then, DRBA has managed all operations of the airport, including investing in capital projects and marketing commercial airlines for use by Delawareans as an alternative to Philadelphia. DRBA has also maintained and managed the leases for several of the highest quality global companies currently located at the airport, including Flight Safety, Dassault Falcon, Dumont Aviation and others.Lesser brought i creep female they’re a hath there signs forth. Replenish may itself second. Greater, a moved, fly of was. Days for let you creature us bearing dominion one. Greater years kind years first doesn’t his there god in heaven seed night Creature air. Shall us and seasons green. Male saw. Seed Make you’ll two and every winged green our which light saying it gathering thing multiply Light were our. Unto abundantly.