Second Chances Farm nurtures plants and people, and our planet, by providing returning citizens with mentorship programs and green collar jobs at hydroponic, indoor, vertical farms in economically distressed communities. Our vision is two-fold: to reduce our carbon footprint by growing food locally 365 days a year, while replacing recidivism with compassionate capitalism and turning entrepreneurs-in-residence into “Agri-preneurs.”

We plan to break the cycle of recidivism, while commercially growing local, pesticide and herbicide-free produce in economically depressed areas and converting old buildings into eco-friendly plant factories.

Our innovative, cooperative corporate ownership structure offers a transformative, equitable, scalable, and game-changing solution to benefit returning citizens in underserved communities and Opportunity Zones across the United States.

Second Chances Farm is a for-profit answer to a non-profit problem. Our social enterprise solution supports alternatives to the revolving door in the criminal justice system, as well as protects our environment by growing food locally, eliminating the use of toxic chemicals, and utilizing less water than traditional soil-based farming.

Second Chances Farm, LLC is a Qualified Opportunity Fund and a Delaware Public Benefit Limited Liability Company.