The Eagles Are Painting It Black!

By : Tye Richmond

Last Friday most of if not all Philadelphia Eagles fans rejoiced when the team official unveiled there all black Eagles helmet.

The helmet does still don the classic wings across the side and merely swaps the “midnight green” for a glossy black look. The specific games Philly will wear these new helmets will be announced at a later date.

“It’s something the majority of us as players always wanted – just a little change in uniform,” Eagles wideout DeVonta Smith said of the new helmets, via the official team website.

This is the first alternative helmet for the Eagles since 2010. This move — and similar ones around the league — comes after the NFL dissolved its “one shell rule.” That mandate forced clubs — in the spirit of player safety — to wear one helmet throughout the year, eliminating the possibility for some teams to utilize their throwbacks, including the Eagles.

Earlier this offseason, Philadelphia announced that they will be reintroducing their “Kelly green” uniforms in 2023, which includes the Kelly-green alternate helmet and matching jersey.

I love that the Eagles are switching up their look because as a lifelong Eagles fan I was tired of seeing the same green and white Eagles uniform or helmet. Don’t get me wrong the colors are amazing but it’s time for something new and that’s what the fans and players have been asking for and we finally got it. So, I cannot wait for the team to wear their all-black uniforms this year it should be something special.

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