The Juice Joint In Wilmington Is Amazing!!

By: Tye Richmond

Today is another national day besides (for all my Star Wars fans) May the Fourth be with you on May 4th. It is National Orange Juice Day as well.

A post said, “National Orange Juice Day recognizes America’s most popular breakfast drink. Orange juice holds a large margin over apple juice in second place. People have been waking up to a glass of orange juice for many years and enjoying the health benefits it gives them.”

The post continued, “One 8 ounce serving of orange juice has 124 mg of vitamin C and also supplies potassium, thiamine, and folate. That little bit of sunshine in the morning can add a boost to your day. Get your orange juice fresh squeezed, bottled or in concentrated form in the freezer section. You can also enjoy orange juice blends for delicious combinations.”

The United States is second only to Brazil in the production of orange juice, and they’re second only to Canada in consumption.

So, in honor of the National Orange Juice Day, I would like to give a shoutout to a local shop in the city of Wilmington called The Juice Joint which is located at 323 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801.

According to their website’s about us page, “The Juice Joint uses a two-step cold-press process to extract our fruit + vegetable juices. This method keeps more vitamins and minerals in our juices – ultimately, resulting in a higher quality product and a healthier you!

“We source our fresh ingredients locally and your beverages are made fresh when you order.

We are committed to serving the highest quality products to our community. We are also committed to being responsible to our planet – The Juice Joint will only use recycled and/or biodegradable packaging.”

“The Juice Joint is more than a juice bar – we are a movement! Our goal is to influence our community to journey with us to a healthier lifestyle – one fresh cold-pressed juice/smoothie at a time. We are a vibrant space of delicious goodness welcoming good energy only. It’s a vibe, and we look forward to seeing you there!”

Juice x GMW

Lanice Wilson the President + COO or The Juice Joint said, “I was introduced to juicing over three years ago by my daughter, Anuuma. I immediately fell in love with it as I am always intrigued by foods that can be used as medicine. I worked at the Riverfront for over five years. While journeying towards a healthier lifestyle, I often wished there was a juice bar in the area that offered fresh and healthy beverage + meal options. It was a consistent feeling, and after thoughtful consideration, I decided to make that wish a reality. February 1, 2019, The Juice Joint was born.
I am thrilled to share my passion for juicing and I look forward to serving the Riverfront community and beyond.”

If you haven’t gone to The Juice yet make sure you check them out. The food, hospitality, drinks, & vibes are immaculate. So why not support a local black-owned business that is one of the best in Wilmington.

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