Wilmington, Delaware– At first glance the duo might seem a bit unusual but the friendship between them is nothing short of exemplary and you can feel the adoration they share for each other and humanity in their one off new single ‘Tilton Park’. Written over one session during their usual late night of food, stories, and jamming, ‘Tilton Park’ was written on the eve of the inauguration. What started as a jam ended up being a folk tune expressing the things they wanted to see from the new leaders as well as a message of hope and reconciliation. 

Listen to ‘Tilton Park’ here.

Rob Pfeiffer, affectionately nicknamed by his city, the Mayor of Tiltlandia played guitar with his band Life on Mars from 1996 to 2001 releasing a cd and touring around the east coast. He continued playing with other musicians while also enjoying a career as the brewer at some of the top breweries in the state. Danielle Johnson, known on the music scene as Sug Daniels, met Rob while playing a show with her popular blues funk soul band Hoochi Coochi, at Blue Earl Brewery where Rob Pfeiffer was currently working. After a brief encounter they took an immediate liking to each other. The two have been orbiting each other’s worlds for several years but became close while growing food at the 7th and West Community Garden, where Rob introduced Sug to politicians, business owners, and staples in the Wilmington area solidifying her love for the city.

The song is available to download on bandcamp for $1 or more if you choose and all proceeds will go to the community outreach group Friends Of Tilton Park and West Side Grows. The money will be used to help fix the playground’s long time flooding issues as well as helping to finance a new playground in the park. 

For more information, promo material, or to schedule an interview please contact Rob Pfeiffer at wheresrobnow@yahoo.com.

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