YMCA Delaware and Delaware Blue Coats Forge Inspiring Community Partnership

In an evening brimming with excitement and community spirit, the YMCA of Delaware joined forces with the Delaware Blue Coats for a special event that left an indelible mark on the hearts of many families. The event, dubbed the YMCA of Delaware x Marvel’s Captain America Night, was not just a celebration of sports but a testament to the power of community partnerships.

Tom Myers, the Chief Development Officer of the YMCA, was present at the event and shared his enthusiasm on social media, stating, “Friday was an incredible evening for our YMCA families at the Delaware Blue Coats’ YMCA of Delaware x Marvel’s Captain America Night!” His words echoed the sentiment of unity and joy that filled the air as families from across Delaware came together for an unforgettable experience.

The night was made possible through the collaborative efforts of several key figures and organizations. Kevin Faison, Sr., and the team from AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware were instrumental in choosing the YMCA as their non-profit partner for the game, a decision that underscored their commitment to supporting local communities. Additionally, Alex Yoh from the Blue Coats front office was lauded for his exceptional efforts in engaging children and parents, ensuring that the event was not only entertaining but also inclusive.

The highlight of the evening was the Delaware Blue Coats’ thrilling 20-point comeback to secure a victory against the Birmingham Squadron. This remarkable turnaround served as the perfect backdrop for an event centered around teamwork, resilience, and community.

The success of the YMCA of Delaware x Marvel’s Captain America Night has opened doors to future collaborations aimed at supporting and strengthening families across Delaware. The partnership between the YMCA Delaware and the Delaware Blue Coats, supported by AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware, stands as a shining example of how community organizations can come together to create positive, lasting impacts.

As the community continues to buzz with excitement from the night’s events, the focus remains on the potential of these partnerships to bring about meaningful change. With leaders like Tom Myers at the helm, the future looks bright for the families of Delaware, promising more opportunities for engagement, support, and unity

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