A Year of Transformation: WRK Brings Vision to Life in 2023

Such a great year for the WRK Group in 2022, WRK is poised to bring its vision to life in a big way for 2023. The company is already making a tangible impact, with families settling into their new homes and beginning to build their lives in the community.

One of the most exciting developments of the year is the construction of the Kingswood Community Center. This massive 88,000-square-foot facility is poised to become a hub of activity for residents and a symbol of WRK’s commitment to creating strong, thriving communities.

In addition to building new homes and community centers, WRK is also working to create job opportunities for teens across the City of Wilmington. By providing young people with the chance to gain valuable experience and skills, the company is helping to build a stronger, more equitable future.

If you’re curious to learn more about what WRK has in store for 2023, check out their website at This promises to be a special year for the company and for the communities they serve.”

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