Go To The Brandywine Zoo To Celebrate National Zoo Lovers Day

April 8th is National Zoo Lovers Day, and we have a local zoo in the area. The Brandywine Zoo located at 1001 North Park Dr Wilmington, Delaware 19802.

Because it is National Zoo Lovers Day here are 3 animals at the zoo you should see when you visit The Brandywine Zoo.

The first animal is the Red Panda.

From, “The Brandywine Zoo has two red pandas – Sherman and Mohu. Sherman was born at the Detroit Zoo in 2012, and Mohu was born at the Sequoia Park Zoo in 2013. Both came to live here at the Brandywine Zoo in 2018. If you are trying to figure out who is who – it’s easy! Mohu has a lot of white on her face, while Sherman is a bit bigger, and has more red on his face.”

Red pandas are most closely related to raccoons, but they are the only living species in their taxonomic family.

The second animal to look out for is Toco Toucans.

From, “The Brandywine Zoo is home to a pair of toco toucans, Pablo and Julio. Pablo, a female, who hatched in 2016 and came to live here in 2020 from an AZA facility in Florida, is slightly smaller than our male, Julio. Julio hatched in 2002, and came to the Brandywine Zoo from the Bronx Zoo in 2019. He has a few white scuff marks on his bill that make it possible to tell him and Pablo apart.”

Toucans’ calls can be heard up to a half mile away!

Toco toucans are the largest of all toucan species!

The last animal is Green Tree Python

The Brandywine Zoo has one Green Tree Python. Verdi came from Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland, an AZA facility in Central Pennsylvania. He was hatched on August 3, 2014.

Juveniles may be either bright yellow or brick-red. This coloring gradually changes to brilliant emerald green as they mature.

This species is a nonvenomous ambush predator. They hunt primarily by hanging near the ground, heads angled downward to ambush passing rodents.

Check out these 3 zoo animals at The Brandywine Zoo on a nice spring or summer day. The Brandywine Zoo is open daily, 10am – 4pm (last admission at 3:30pm).

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