(Left) Morgan Reid, Program Assistant, (Center) Charles B. Adams, Founder, Managing Partner, (Right) Shamm H. Petros, Partner and Director of Learning & Evaluation 

The mission of Lion’s Story is to prepare individuals and organizations to navigate and resolve racially charged situations. Racial interactions in our society have become so contentious, that individuals and organizations are ill-equipped and helpless to communicate or problem-solve the smallest of identity-based conflicts. Through our work, youth, adults, and professionals become more confident. They engage in (rather than avoid) racial encounters, and in doing so, develop interpersonal skills that will not only lead to racial conflict resolution but also improve their emotional, psychological and overall well being.OUR APPROACH Lion’s Story teaches culturally relevant, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, relationship-building strategies that are based on thirty years of racial socialization research by Dr. Howard C. Stevenson of the University of Pennsylvania.

Racial literacy is the ability to read, recast, and resolve racially stressful or identity-based encounters. This literacy is developed through supportive and repeated practice of healthy racial coping behaviors. How do we practice racial literacy? Our team of trainers facilitates mindfulness-infused activities for individuals and groups that encourage participants to “courageously notice” their thoughts, feelings, and body reactions as they navigate racial stories from (or about) their childhood, family, and professional dilemmas.