TV Fathers That Has Changed

By: Tye Richmond

Fathers day is coming up and special shout to the all fathers out there for having a special impact on their children’s lifes young or old. Especially mine I appreciate my father every day.

Since it is father’s day and you know I love making my list on DETV. I am going to do my top 3 TV fathers list of all time.

Number one on my list and I think could be a lot of people number one is Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

Not only was Philip Banks played by James Avery the father of four of his own children, but he also took in his nephew Will and proved to be a better dad than Will’s biological one ever was.

Uncle Phil was no-nonsense and could be pretty strict at times, but above all, he was a loving and honorable family man. He was the father that Will always needed, and supported and treated all of his children equally. He always believed in his kids and made them feel loved and protected at all times.

My second favorite was Christopher Julius Rock II from Everybody Hate Chris played by Terry Crews. He was one of the most down-to-earth TV dads. His penny-pinching ways will make you think twice about turning on the air conditioner…or not. The reason why I loved Julius so much was because he reminded me of my dad so much. The way Terry Crew dressed looked and acted is literally how my dad is today.

My third favorite dad of all time is from my Wife & Kids, Michael Kyle played by Damon Wayans. Damon Wayans was the ultimate early ’00s dad. From using reverse psychology to playing practical jokes, he handled real-life issues like a total breeze.

I think this was his and Tisha Campbell’s best acting by far because i really felt like they were themselves and weren’t acting. Tisha Campbell was on Martin but it felt like she was outshined on Martin all the time. But on My Wife & Kids it felt like she had a chance to shine right alongside of Damon Wayans.

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