Lady Bug Music Festival Is Finally Back

The Lady Bug Music Festival is back this year and is in full swing. In 2020, the event was hosted virtually over two days, featuring some of our favorite artists. Then In 2021, several smaller, yet live Ladybug Festival events were planned including a week-long “Music by Women Week” and a crawl-style event along Market Street, dubbed “An Evening of Music by Women”.

Lady Bug Festival Line Up

But now, the festival is going back to its original format with the first festival in Wilmington, DE on May 20th then the other one in Milford, DE on July 30.

According to “Founded in 2012, The Ladybug Festival continues to be the LARGEST celebration of Women in music in the country, with a 100% female-fronted lineup, proudly empowering and giving platforms to women in all areas of music event production.”

Here is a history breakdown of the Lady Bug Festival from the website. “The Ladybug Festival is a celebration of women in music taking place annually in both Wilmington, and Milford, Delaware. Started in 2012 by Gayle Dillman and Jeremy Hebbel (Gable Music Ventures), the idea was to offer an alternative to the Firefly Music Festival that was focused on local independent artists, and free for the community to attend. Michael and Debbie Schwartz, owners of the popular Shops and Lofts at 2nd & LOMA, engaged Gable Music Ventures to throw a live music block party for their tenants shortly after Firefly was announced.”

Instagram @ladybugmusicfest

“Gable used the timing of the request to put on the first-ever “Ladybug Festival”, featuring an all-female lineup of artists local to the Wilmington/Philadelphia music scene. From 2012 through 2017 the event grew to be one of the most popular in Wilmington, with attendance doubling every year. As the event grew, Gable Music Ventures has become even more inspired to make an impact on women in the music industry. The Ladybug Festival not only exclusively hires female or female-identifying fronted bands, but we do our best to hire as many women as we can for available positions on festival staff.”

The festival is a great time for family and friends of all ages to come together and just enjoy great independent musicians. Also discover maybe the next great artist in the world. So, if you are free and have a chance make sure you check it out both Lady Bug Festivals.

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