The Day That Changed The World D-Day

By: Tye Richmond

Today, June 6, most commonly known as D-Day refers to the landing of Allied forces on the beaches of Normandy, France in 1944. Troops staged one of the most pivotal attacks against Germany during World War II.

The battle known as D-Day liberated Northern France. Britain, the United States, and Canada sent more than 160,000 Allied troops under the leadership of General Dwight Eisenhower to man more than 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft the day of the initial landing.

After nearly five years of war, D-Day represents a vital turn in the war. During World War II, much of the world faced tragedy and hardships. D-Day continues to be a significant point in the war.

D-Day was not only a turning point for the war but for the world as we know it. Germany was in control and winning the war before D-Day, but the allies completely flipped the war upside down.

There have been countless movies made about the many events and stories that occurred on D-Day . So here are three of my favorite D-Day Movies.

The first film may be a lot of people’s favorite, Saving Private Ryan. The film boasts the most realistic and authentic depiction of D-Day ever recorded. Using the full arsenal of his experience with special effects and action sequences, Steven Spielberg gave audiences a ground-level perspective on the D-Day landings, before using it as a jumping-off point for its main plot. It remains one of the biggest and most intense WWII battles in movie history.

The sheer brutality of the D-Day landing sequence is a powerful and harrowing experience, but one that has been lauded as a truthful representation of the horrors that went on that day, as opposed to Hollywood’s typical glamorization of war.

My second favorite movie is “Where Eagles Dare”. Long before Clint Eastwood became one of Hollywood’s best directors, he played Lt. Schaffer, an American Ranger thrown into a British operation to rescue General George Carnaby from the S.S., before he can divulge the secret plans regarding D-Day.

However, not everything is at it seems. It soon becomes obvious that there’s another objective separate from the official one. The film scored well with critics and audiences alike thanks to solid performances by Eastwood, as well as Richard Burton, Mary Ure, and Patrick Wymark. The movie’s biggest strength is its plot twist, which is surprisingly effective and too good to spoil.”

My third favorite movie and which is kind of a sleeper is “A Matter Of Resistance”.

“A Matter of Resistance” is a French romantic comedy set around the Normandy invasion. A young Catherine Deneuve plays Marie, a country girl who is the young bride of an older farmer. She catches the eye of a German commander, who bivouacs his troops nearby.”

“She also catches the eye of a French resistance fighter who is trying to spy on the Germans to help prepare for the Allied invasion. She distracts him from his mission, and over the course of the film, all the men make fools of themselves trying to win her affections. The slapstick humor and romantic tension are the main draws of this film, with D-Day providing a significant backdrop.”

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